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Assessment of the quality monitoring the signals of GNSS in the navigation receivers

The company “NVS TS” specializes in the development of satellite navigation equipment and owns advanced technologies to create complex electronic systems. «NVS TS», offers a market of about 30 items of equipment for various applications in marine, aviation and land transport, telecommunications, geodesy.

Determining of integrity for the purposes of navigation

The given work describes integrity conception for navigation as one of the main requirement for aviation. It consists review of all available data sources used in the multisystem navigation receiver for provide integrity requirements. Based on integrity requirements RAIM algorithm for produced navigation receivers was developed and realized. Practically implementation of RAIM was shown as a test results.

The integrated receiver GALILEO / GPS / GLONASS / SBAS equipment to create a «SAFETY of LIFE»

This report describes the main specifications and features of construction GNSS receivers to ensure the safety of life (Safety of Life) for use in applications that are critical to safety.

Receivers GNSS which are critical to security in general, are classified as «receivers to ensure the safety of life» (Safety of Life). The main characteristics of this type of receivers are reliability and ability to identify faults. Moreover, the receivers of this class are designed in such a way as to use all available information to detect possible errors and the subsequent prevention of end-users to take appropriate action.

Equipment for DGNSS

Ukraine's policy on development and use of modern navigational aids aimed, among other things, the development of a differential service in the country. This policy is implemented in accordance with international requirements and trends, and involves the use of combined GLONASS / GPS.