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Navigation receivers АСН-5201, АСН-5203
АСН-5201 and АСН-5203 are designed to produce the current values of the coordinates by signals of GLONASS and GPS anywhere in the globe, at any time and regardless of weather conditions.
The main purpose - to use as a part of agricultural machinery for the implementation of the functions of parallel driving and precision farming.
Navigation receivers АСН-5201, АСН-5203
Navigation receivers АСН-5201, АСН-5203

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Functions and features

  • definition of the current coordinate values (latitude, longitude, height) and velocity;
  • choice of operating navigation system GLONASS, GPS or GNSS (GLONASS + GPS);
  • self control;
  • work in a coordinate systems: WGS-84 (the default), ПЗ-90.2, СК-42, СК-95.

Design Features

Housing ACH-5201 and ACH-5203 is made of impact-resistant plastic (molding).
The frame structure watertight, airtight, protection - IP65.
Fixing ACH-5201 and ACH-5203 magnetic or mechanical.

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Received signals L1 GPS/SBAS C/A-код
 The number of parallel channels of the receiving of the SNA  GPS / GLONASS / WAAS / EGNOS 32
 Frequency range, MHz:
         - L1 GLONASS
from 1597 to 1606
         - maintenance, dBWt
         - «cold» start, dBWt
- 180
- 173
         - GNSS, m
         - SBAS or DGNSS, m
         - Altitude , m
         - Velocity, m/s
 Supply DC, V from 5 to 36
 Power, no more Wt 2
         - АСН-5201
         - АСН-5203
RS-232, bluetooth
 Output connecto Female DB-9F
 Lenght of cable, m 5
 Logic communication interface NMEA 0183, BINR
 Dimentions, mm Ø160×100
 Mass, kg no more 0,8
 Operation conditions:
         - temperature, ºС
         - Humidity at +25°С, %
from -40 to +70
 Storage temperature, ºС from -50 to +80


Before installing a new version of ASN-Agro, you must uninstall the previous version of ASN-Agro. When you first launch the new version of ASN-Agro, you need to confirm the request of the ASN-Agro program to allow access to the tablet’s memory.

ASN-agro is installed in the tablet PC preloaded with Android operating system (Android version is not lower than 4.4).
ASN-agro designed for precision farming operations, using the definition of the current geographical coordinates, the horizontal component of speed and track angle using GLONASS / GPS signals.
ASN-agro program provides for the exchange of information with the receiver navigation ASN-5203 through the communication channel - bluetooth.

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