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Home Products Amplifier Signal amplifier AP/L10W
Signal amplifier AP/L10W

The signal amplifier AP/L10W designed for linear amplification of signals in L-band and output power up to 10 Watts.

Signal amplifier AP/L10W

Signal amplifier AP/L10W


Communication equipment, testing laboratories, etc.
On request is possible to produce variants of the amplifier in the frequency range from 800 to 2500 MHz with overlapping 200 - 550 MHz.

Design features

Amplifier housing is made of aluminum alloys.
The construction is tight.


Recommendations for use

It is recommended to use complete with RF modulator (optional), which allows to form a continuous and pulsed modes of operation of the amplifier.

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Frequency range, MHz from 1150 to 1700
 Gain no less, dB 40,0
 The unevenness in the range of operating frequencies, dB 2±1
 Power output at reduce the gain on 1 dB no less, dBW 10
 Output power at limit mode no more, dBW 12,5
 Noise no more, dB 2,0
 VSWR of output and input, no more 1,5
 Current no more, A 4 (3,5 type)
 Supply, V 15±0,5
 Operation temperature, °C from -20 to +55
 Storage temperature, °C from -50 to +85
 Mass, kg 2,8±0,15
 Dimension, mm*mm*mm 365×156×45
 Connectors socket N