Navigation receiver
Navigation receiver - single board, full-featured, 48-channel navigation receiver for receiving signals:
  • GLONASS at L1 and L2 bands (СТ code);
  • GPS at L1 (С/А code) and L2 (С(L+M) code);
  • SBAS L1.

The receiver is designed to determine the current values of the coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude), velocity vector of the consumer, the current time on the signals GLONASS, GPS, SBAS anywhere on the globe, at any time, regardless of weather conditions.

Navigation receiver

Navigation receiver

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
         - GPS

         - GLONASS
L1 C/A code
L2 C(L+M) code
L1 CT code
L2 CT code
 Channels 48
 Band, MHz
         L1 GLONASS
         L2 GLONASS
         L1 GPS
         L2 GPS
         L1 SBAS
from 1593 to 1606
from 1237 to 1249
 Power supply, W no more 5
 Dimentions, mm 7110x110x20
 Mass, kg, no more 0,130

The planned period of serial production - 2016 year.