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+38 (04733) 217-54



Limited Liability Company “NVS TS” - a company operating in the market GLONASS, GPS, Galileo technology. The use of technologies can solve a wide range of tasks in relation to the realities of the XXI century.

The main areas of activity“NVS TS” LLC

  • Research and implementation of development using the signals of global navigation satellite system GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO and SBAS and additions GBAS;
  • Development and manufacturing equipment;
  • implementation of R & D treaty for businesses and organizations





  • GPS/GLONASS receivers for various applications, which the company produces itself;
  • Developed hardware simulator GLONASS,GPS and Galileo and its serial production;
  • Equipment the navigation systems GLONASS and GPS Galileo are used in:
  • electronic charts
  • precision time and frequency synchronization
  • measurement of the angles of spatial orientation
  • differential corrections to GPS GLONASS pseudorange
  • suppression of unintentional and intentional interferences for the signals reception GPS and GLONASS navigation systems
  • continuous GLONASS and GPS monitoring;
  • successful European projects (Galileo, Gagarin).