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Home Products Synchronization equipment Equipment of time&frequency synchronization CH-5832
Equipment of time&frequency synchronization СН-5832
Equipment of time&frequency synchronization СН-5832 is designed for:
  • determine the current time in one of the system time scales UTC SU, UTC, GLONASS, GPS;
  • form their own time scale in the form of a pulse signal of 1 Hz (1PPS) and its binding to the selected system time scale;
  • synchronizing own time scale with the system time scale accurate to within ± 38 ns;
  • form the reference frequency of 10 MHz or 2.048 MHz (option) on the basis of thermostatted crystal oscillator whose frequency is stabilized by signals of GLONASS / GPS.


Equipment of time&frequency synchronization СН-5832

Functions and features
СН-5832 provides:

  • work by the signal of one satellite, as well as the temporary absence of satelites signals (mode "Storage");
  • work with the "master/slave" modes in systems with rezervation.

CH-5832 can be used as part of communication equipment, different radio systems, and to synchronize the computer and telecommunication networks.


  • timing receiver(variant CH-5832);
  • synchronization module *;
  • Interface cable to 50 m ***;
  • the power cable **;
  • AC adapter **.

* Specifications are defined from variant of embodiment.
** Complete set is specified in terms of contract.
*** The default length. The length can be from 10 to 150 m (specified in the contract).

Specifications and operating conditions   module

Parameter Value
         - "10 MHz CMOS", or "2,048 MHz CMOS" (embodiment)  meander CMOS 3,3 V 75 Оhm1)
         - «2,048 МHz LVDS» bipolar (embodiment) LVDS ±(1,9) V 100 Оhm1)
         - "1РРS", up to four outputs, pulse duration TTL,             50 Оhm
1 ms (by default)2) male SMB
 Systems and signals:
 Channels (mode)
 Coordinate systems
GLONASS L1 (СТ-code),
GPS/SBAS L1 (С/А-code),
32 (All-in-view)
WGS-84, ПЗ-90, СК-42, СК-95
 Synchronization on a scale of GPS or GLONASS or UTC or  UTC SU by default – UTC
 Synchronization accuracy in the presence of the reception  of  GNSS signals, ns ±38
 Nursing output frequency in the range of operating after 24  hours of work:
         - in operation mode, a day on average, depending on  the embodiment
         - in the storage mode, per day, depending on the  embodiment


from 1×10-12 to 1×10-11

from 1×10-10 to 4×10-8
         - "Antenna" (embodiment)  male SMB
         - communication with the navigation receiver  (embodiment) RS-422, female DB-25
or ОЕМ embodiment1)
         - «1РРS in»  TTL, male SMB
         - communication with the external devices NMEA  0183, BINR and Motorola binary M12 protocols

         - communication with the external navigation receiver,  BINR or NMEA 0183 protocols
RS-232, USB,
BINR by default; 

RS-422, BINR by default
 Operation temperature, oC  from -10 to +603)
 Dimension, mm  172х90х35
 Mass no more, g 700
 Supply VDC, V from 11,4 to 12,6
 Supply by AC adapter, V from 198 to 240
         - DC no more, Wt
         - AC no more, Wt
 1) Male FTSH-108-01-L-DV-K Samtec
 2) Variable, from 100/125 ns (embodiment 2,048 МHz) to 50 ms
 3) Addition: from 0°С to +50°С or from -20°С to +70°С - specified in terms of contract

 Specifications and operating conditions of timing receiver   antenna

Parameter Value
 Form of signal 1PPS:
         - programmable pulse duration (default), ms
         - pulse amplitude (TTL-compatible), V, not more
         - the true value of time corresponds to the rising edge  of the pulse
from 0,000038 to 38 (1)
 Systems and signals:
 Channels (mode)
 Coordinate systems
GLONASS L1 (СТ-code),
GPS/SBAS L1 (С/А-code),
32 (All-in-view)
WGS-84, ПЗ-90, СК-42, СК-95
         - support, dBW
         - "cold" start, dBW
 Time readiness for the signal «1PPS», minutes, no more 3
 Error of navigation parameters:
         - by the plane, m
         - by the height, m
         - by the speed, m/s
         - by the time (one sigma), ns
 Operation temperature, °C from -40 to +80
 Dimention, D*H, mm 74х168
 Mass, g, no more 300
 Supply VDC, V from 6 to 12
 Power, Wt, no more 1
 External interface RS-422
 Data protocols BINR, NMEA-0183

The synchronization module is available in two embodiment:

  • OEM - in the form of a stand- devices based on printed circuit board ( to be embedded in the hardware of the consumer) ,
  • device.

The synchronization module is designed for operation in internal of room, can be attached to a horizontal or vertical plane.

The timing receiver is designed as a functionally complete smart antenna. Hull construction waterproof, airtight, protection - IP67. Under operating conditions the timing receiver is fixed to local subjects by two screws.