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Intermediate filter

The intermediate filter is designed to filtering of signals GLONASS and GPS satellites separately in a range of L1, GLONASS satellite signals in the range of L2, as well as for transit transmission of signals RTCM and the supply voltage. The intermediate filter can significantly improve the noise immunity of navigation equipment.

Intermediate filter

Intermediate filter


Communication equipment, testing laboratories, etc.

Design features

Filter housing is made of aluminum alloys.
The construction is tight.


Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Frequency ranges:
         - L1 GPS, MHz
         - L1 GLONASS, MHz
         - L2 GLONASS, MHz
         - beacon, kHz
from 1570 to 1585
from 1593 to 1610
from 1230 to 1257
from 283,5 to 325,0
 The cutoff frequency of the bandwidth on the level of 15 dB:
         - low L1 no less, MHz
         - high L1 no more, MHz
         - low L2 no less, MHz
         - high L2 no more, MHz
 Gain at L1 and L2, dB 3±2
 The unevenness in the range of operating frequencies no more, dB 1,5
 Loss at beacon no more, dB 1,5
 Noise at L1 and L2 no more, dB 4
 Input VSWR at L1 and L2 no more 1,7
 Output VSWR at L1 and L2 no more 1,7
 Current no more, mA 27
 Supply, V from 4,5 to 13,6
         - length no more, mm
         - width no more, mm
         - high no more, mm
 Mass no more, kg 0,15
 Group of operating conditions 1.6.4, 2.1.1, 2.2.1, 2.3.1, 2.5.1
ГОСТ РВ 20.39.304
 Operation conditions:
         - operation temperature, °C
         - storage temperature, °C
from -50 to +55
from -65 to +70
 Connectors socket TNC