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ДС101 antenna

Antenna DS101 is designed to receive and amplify signals of GLONASS and GPS in the frequency range from 1570 to 1610 MHz, as well as to receive signals correcting information RTCM in the zone of control and correction stations from radio beacon, marine differential subsystem of GLONASS / GPS in the frequency range from 283.5 to 325.0 kHz, and the use of the navigation equipment marine equipment of high accuracy.

ДС101 antenna

ДС101 antenna

Design features

Antenna housing and radome are made of plastic, cast.
Splash-proof construction of docking output connector.
Mounted on a mechanical object, by a set of assembly parts.

Recommendations for use

Acceptable losses in the antenna cable, no more than 20 dB.

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Frequency range, MHz from 1570 to 1610
 Output impedance, Ohm 50
 Output VSWR, no more 2
 Polarization circular, right
 The gain of the emitter at the zenith, dBik 2,5
 The gain of LNA, dB 41,0±2,5
 The noise of LNA no more, dB 3,5
 The frequency selectivity of the filter f0 ± 90 MHz no less, dB 35
 Frequency range of beacon, kHz from 283,5 to 325,0
 The gain no more, dB 30
 Sensitivity for signal/noise ratio 10 dB no more, uV/m 10
 Dynamic range no less, dB 100
 Uneven azimuthal radiation pattern no more, dB 3
 Supply, V from 10,9 to 12,1
 Current no more, mA 95
         - diameter, mm
         - height, mm
 Mass no more, kg 1,0
 Protection IP 65
 Operation temperature, °C from -40 to +55
 Storage temperature, °C from -50 to +70
 Output connector socket TNC