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МШ-РФС amplifier

The low noise amplifier is designed to amplification and filtering signal satellites separate GLONASS and GPS in the frequency range L1.

МШ-РФС amplifier

МШ-РФС amplifier


Aviation equipment, testing laboratories, etc.

Design features

Amplifier housing is made of aluminum alloys.
The construction is tight.



Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Frequency range, MHz
         - L1 GLONASS, MHz
         - L1 GPS, MHz
from 1593 to 1610
from 1570 to 1585
 The cutoff frequency of the bandwidth on the level of -20 dB:
         - low no less, MHz
         - high no more, MHz
 Gain at 1575 and 1602 MHz, dB 30,0 (+3,5;-2,5)
 The unevenness in the range of operating frequencies no more, dB 3,0*
 Noise no more, dB 4,5
 Input VSWR no more 1,75
 Output VSWR no more 1,75
 Current no more, mA 65
 Supply, V from 4,5 to 14,4
 Mass no more, kg 220±20
 Dimensions mm*mm*mm 142,5*70,0*21,0
 Operation conditions:
         - operation temperature, °C
         - short time operating high temperature, ° C
         - storage temperature, °C
from -55 to +55
from -60 to +85
 Group of operating conditions П8.1.2 НЛГС-3
П8.1 НЛГВ-2
 Connectors socket TNC