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Radiobeacon receiver ПКИ-Х4
ПКИ-X4 - single board, full-featured, 2-channel radiobeacon receiver for receiving signals correcting station marine differential subsystem DGNSS in the standard RTCM SC-104.
ПКИ - X4 - has two independent parallel receiving channels in the range 283,5-325,0 kHz with manual or automatic mode selection of received frequencies and is intended for use in the satellite navigation receivers for correction of location coordinates in real time with a precision positioning to 1 meter. ПКИ- X4 works at any time of day and year , regardless of weather conditions within the operating zone radiobeacon DGNSS at stopped or in motion.
Radiobeacon receiver ПКИ-Х4

Radiobeacon receiver ПКИ-Х4

Functions and features:

  • receiving messages from terrestrial KKS differential subsystem GLONASS / GPS;
  • formation and delivery of differential corrections via a standard interface;
  • work with different types of antennas with an operating frequency 283.5-325 kHz.


  • marine vessels for various purposes;
  • traffic control systems of various transport;
  • ground control;
  • construction;
  • land surveying;
  • building inventory.

Specifications and operating conditions

Parameter Value
 Channels 2
 Band, kHz from 283.5 to 325.0
 Step, Hz 500
 Information bitrate bod 50, 100 and 200
 Tune mode manual, automatic
 Modulation MSK
 Sensitivity, mkV at S/N 8 dB and bitrate 200 bod 1.5
 DNR, dB (mV) 100 (from 0,0015 to 150)
 Attenuation at f< 230 kHz and f> 430 kHz, dB 35
 Supply DC, V 3.3
 Current, мА, no more 150
 Dimentions, mm 76.2x50.8x13.8
 Mass, kg, no more 0,05
 Operation temperature , °С from -30 to +70
 Output bitrate, bod 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
         - electric
         - logic
2 RS-232 (HCMOS)
RTCM SC-104, NMEA 0183